HYBRIDGE follow-up

The follow-up project of HYBRIDGE is the specific targeted research project iFly, which is funded by the European Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme under contract number TREN/07/FP6AE/S07.71574/037180.

During recent years the ATM community research trend is to direct large airborne self separation research projects to situations of less dense airspace. Typical examples of this trend are the EC research projects MFF (Mediterranean Free Flight) and ASSTAR (Advanced Safe Separation Technologies and Algorithms). This is remarkable because airborne self separation has been 'invented' as a potential solution for high density airspace. iFly aims to develop a step change in this trend, through a systematic exploitation and further development of the advanced mathematical techniques that have emerged within the HYBRIDGE project.

iFly brings together a powerful team from European ATM research and industry who initially came together in HYBRIDGE. The consortium is strengthened by additional key partners including a human factors specialist SME, a large Air Navigation Service Provider, an aviation psychology university specialist, an ATM cost-benefit specialist institute and a large system engineering consultant with wide experience in advanced ATM design.

For more information on iFly see its website http://ifly.nlr.nl/.