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HYBRIDGE is a project within the 5th Framework Programme IST-2001-IV.2.1 (iii) (Distributed Control), funded by the European Commission under contract number IST-2001-32460.

The 21st century finds Europe facing a number of remarkable changes, many of which involve large complex real-time systems the management and control of which undergoes a natural trend of becoming more and more distributed

while at the same time the safety criticality of these systems for human society tends to increase. However good the control design for these systems will be, humans are the only ones carrying responsibility for the operational safety. This implies that control system designs for safety critical operations have to be embedded within sound safety management systems such that the level of safety stays under control of humans. The objective of HYBRIDGE is to develop the methodologies to accomplish this, and to demonstrate their use in support of advanced air traffic management design.
In addition to direct application to air traffic management, these contributions form the nucleus for further research and development into a complex, uncertain system theory, and into application of this theory to distributed control of other real time complex systems such as communication, computer and power networks.

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